Sincere Appreciation

I believe that one of the most satisfying things is to share an appreciation of something you love with someone else.  Both people get the opportunity to express just what aspects of the loved object is pleasing and why, which leads to a thoroughly enjoyable conversation.  A case in point is a book by Richard Jenkyns, titled A FINE BRUSH ON IVORY An Appreciation of Jane Austen.  In his acknowledgements, Mr. Jenkyns indicates that this book stems, at least in part, from conversations he had had.  This is a very readable book, in which he discusses various questions about Jane Austen’s writing.  This is not a detailed comprehensive analysis of each of Austen’s works, but is a fluid essay on aspects on her writing, characters, etc. that apply to all.  I enjoyed Mr. Jenkyn’s book enormously because it made me think about why I enjoy Austen’s books so much.  I have subsequently reread PERSUASION,  and believe that my pleasure in this story has been enhanced by the thought process generated by reading A FINE BRUSH ON IVORY.  I highly recommend it.