Happy New Year!

It’s amazing – 2012 is here already! As I’ve remarked before, time goes by so quickly. I wish everyone a joyous and blessed new year. Instead of making resolutions, I’ve been reviewing my daily activities, and deciding where to make the adjustments needed to move forward. Let’s face it, we all know what we need to do. We don’t need to make resolutions; just take the daily action steps to get things done! I’m trying not to look at too many “big pictures”; just figure out the steps I need to take to continue the journey, build on past successes and learn from the mistakes and failures. (I find that, sometimes, focussing too much on the goal can be overwhelming; it’s easier to view the process as a journey, and focus on the steps needed to reach the destination.)

I got some more work done on the new (as yet unnamed) novel. It is moving slowly; my plot took a turn I didn’t plan, and is requiring more research into a new area. However, it IS moving forward, and I am pleased with it so far, as a first draft. As it progresses, I will keep you posted!