News Flash!

I’ve been contributing to the English Historical Fiction Authors blog, a collaboration of a number of authors who write historical fiction set in England. Many talented authors have written some outstanding articles, and it’s an honor to be affiliated with the blog. I’m very pleased to announce that this week’s giveaway at the blog is HEYERWOOD: A Novel. Please visit and leave a comment for a chance to win! Here’s a link:   (Please copy and paste if you have difficulty clicking.)  While you are there, be sure to read Maggi Andersen’s article The Lost Houses of England.

3 Replies to “News Flash!”

  1. I tried to comment but couldn’t figure out how. No matter–I’m buying this book. It looks wonderful!

    And Lost Houses of England is a great article–Maggi uses my favorite resource from Country Life.

    1. Maggi’s article is very well done, isn’t it? Regarding the giveaway, I’m so sorry the comment feature didn’t work, but thank you!!! I do hope you enjoy it. Please share a comment or two when you’ve read it!

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