It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

     The tree is up, and (if I say so myself) looks lovely.  The mound of boxes has been weeded, and two enormous bags of trash put out to disappear.  There is one small bag going to Goodwill as well.  While I was not as ruthless as I had hoped, I did at least pare it down significantly, and have new sturdy boxes to pack things away at Epiphany.  (The tree stays up for the 12 days of Christmas.)

     The tin trunk is the last hurdle!  I found the key last night.  Who knows what mysterious treasures remain?  My husband has not brought it down from the attic for several years now-it’s so heavy, and I can never remember what is in it so would tell him I didn’t need it.   Do you think the lid will creak when I finally get it opened?    More in the next installment!

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