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Because I am so interested in English history and English literature, especially the Stuart and Georgian/Regency periods, I wanted to share a book that was interesting on many levels.

IN LOVE & WAR The Lives of General Sir Harry & Lady Smith was written by David Rooney and Michael Scott. It tells the story of Napoleonic war hero, Captain Harry Smith, and his bride Juana, their marriage, and their lives during and after these battles. It is, firstly, a love story which is very famous and has been told previously, notably by Georgette Heyer in THE SPANISH BRIDE.

Secondly, it is fascinating history, covering as it does Harry’s career after Waterloo, which carried the Smiths to India and into the court of Queen Victoria.

The authors, one being a historian and the other a soldier, are very successful at capturing the romance of the marriage and the excitement of the military campaigns.

As a side note, reading this account made me recognize how thoroughly Georgette Heyer researched her subjects!

I highly recommend this book to romance readers and history buffs alike.



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